Seth's unique ability to connect emotionally w/his audience is a natural outgrowth of his genuine concern and compassion for people. In an age where tickling the ears is easily achieved, Seth delivers usable substance that compels the hearer to take action.

Doug Smith, ManUP

Seth Pietsek is an amazing guy! Family man, risk taker, and a leader in the community. He inspires me as a manager, a husband, a father, and public speaker. He is a great human to be around and anyone who comes into contact with him will be better for it!

Mark Rogers, BBBS President Lone Star

If you're looking for someone to thoughtfully inspire your business, organization, or church, look no further than to Seth Pietsek. Seth has a charisma that will inspire your organization to take action. His passion for communication and leadership shines through everything he does.

Kevin Peters, Radiant Life

Seth is easy to work with. He made sure that, at the end of the day, I looked good in front of my clientele and my bosses! We are looking for opportunities to bring him back again.

Leigh Petty, Texas Workforce Commission

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