Seth Pietsek

Seth taught at the high school and university level for 12 years before he moved into the consulting/coaching arena. Currently, Seth works with companies all over the world of every size. He focuses on organizational health and communication power skills. In 2022, he returned his focus to education when he saw his friends and colleagues hurting from a slew reasons and he is determined to bring what he has learned about leadership, communication, relationship, and culture development into the schools to create the best teaching environments in order to deliver the best learning environments.

Julie Schniers

Julie is a speaker, consultant, and coach for businesses and schools who want to increase their ability to make an impact, reach a goal as a team, and create a space others chose to thrive in. Outside of pursuing a Masters in Executive Coaching & Consulting, Julie spent thirteen years in the classroom as a high school speech and debate coach. It was in this space she learned the most about molding and shaping young leaders to be confident world changers. Her method to running a successful program of excellence was simple; connecting through relationship building, effective communication, goal setting and creating confidence. It worked. It worked in the ways that mattered most EVERY SINGLE TIME.