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After a long, hard school year, your teachers and staff may start feeling burnt out - especially if your school district is suffering from understaffing, budget cuts and limited resources. You can give them the motivation and resources they need to reignite their love for teaching by partnering with Seth Pietsek Consulting.

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  • Seth Pietsek Consulting is based in Abilene, TX and provides local school consulting and teacher coaching services. We offer a variety of trainings and workshops designed to help teachers and administrators feel confident in their roles.

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    Building stronger places to teach so students have better places to learn.

    Offering resources for schools and teachers

    The past few years have been rough on both teachers and administrators, and schools are struggling now more than ever. Many districts are facing:

    Teacher burnout -

    We offer culture development consulting services to improve morale and comradery in the workplace.

    Low retention -

    We have relationship development coaching classes designed to help teachers connect with their students more effectively.

    Admin conflicts -

    We provide conflict management coaching services to bridge the gap between teachers and administrators.

    Make the school year better for everyone. Schedule our admin or teacher coaching services today by calling 325-660-2625.

    Educating educators

    As a former educator himself, Seth Pietsek knows first-hand what it's like to work in a school system. He's used his experience to create several workshops that can help both teachers and administrators in their roles. Through our local school consulting services, we can help your staff, students and teachers build partnerships so that they can have a great school year.

    Reach out to us today to learn more about our school administration coaching services in Abilene & Dallas, TX.